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Sharp-Asphalt was established 10 years ago by Company Director & Founder Garry Sharp, who along with some of his team have been in the Mastic Asphalt industry for 40 years.


Working all over Europe including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, England and China, Garry decided to settle in the Uk and through his specialist contracting company Sharp Asphalt start promoting the many benefits of using Mastic Asphalt as the most durable and long lasting repair material for use on the UK road network.


The company has a vast knowledge in the process of using mastic asphalt in all aspects. We have worked for numerous councils since we were established, which can be seen throughout our website.


We are now focusing in innovative and unique techniques of laying mastic asphalt to a variety of structures such as bridges, car parks, and roofs. We also carry out innovative and unique surfacing repairs relating to: potholes, small areas of damaged / rutted surfacing, joint repairs, ironwork reinstatement (using the IKO Pacopatch System).


Mastic Asphalt is without question the toughest and most durable waterproof membrane available worldwide. It offers market leading longevity of more than 50 years in some cases. 


Sharp Asphalt are experts in pothole patching, joint repairs and ironwork reinstatement, having worked in this field for decades. See our Case Studies and Testimonials for more information. 


Coloured & printed asphalt is used in many urban areas around the world to define bus and bicycle lanes, for example. Clear delineation is possible for road users.

Problem and Solutions

As a result of budget constraints Local Authorities are having to contend with an ever increasing number of roads that have pot-holes. These are both dangerous and costly (insurance claims, etc).

Authorities are continuing to spend a large part of their highways budget in making repairs to these ‘pot-holes’ using conventional, but ineffective, asphalt patching techniques.


“Latest way we’ve tried using Mastic Asphalt is for mini roundabouts – we’ve found thermosplastic is wearing off within twelve months so we’ve tried with a buff coloured asphalt with added lighter pigments to make it as white then adding Ballotini to give reflectivity – still experimental his third is being done next week we expect this next one to be as good as we’re going to get it and should last a long, long time."
“Thank-you for the works carried out on the A47 in Rutland. The Pacopatch system was initially undertaken as a trial following observations of works undertaken in Northamptonshire. I would like to say that, so far, the results have been very impressive both in terms of application and the finished results.”
“HRA joint splits/fretting – this is where I feel Mastic Asphalt comes into its own – he uses steel forms either side of the split and lays to these – some done in the summer laid in wet joints are still going strong – the mastic is that hot it seems to evaporate the water through itself and bonds itself to the existing – sticks like the proverbial to a blanket – much prettier but still ugly.”
“Sharp Asphalt have done quite a bit of work for me in the last few months and I’m very impressed – General pothole repairs – our in house teams pothole with 10mm bitmac these were failing regularly on a particular road but not one of his have failed so far – It works but isn’t pretty as stated If you would like to have a look”

Sharp-Asphalt was established 10 years ago by Company Director & Founder Garry Sharp, who along with some of his team have been in the Mastic Asphalt industry for 40 years.

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